José Luis Cuevas

La Familia del Marimo - Jose L.Cuevas

Technique: Etching,aguatinta

Measured it marks: 43 x 63 cms.- 16,9 x 24,8 inches

Paper measure: 56 x 76 cms. - 22,047 x 29,92 inches

Edition: 100

Signed and numbered

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"Joan Prats"1982 - José L.Cuevas

Product no.: Cuevas 238

Size : 56 x 76 cms.- 22,047 x 29,92 inches
Size of the paper : 56 x 76 cms. - 22,047 x 29,92 inches


Work signed

Joan Prats 1982 Product no.: Cuevas 238 Technique: Size : 56 x 76 cms.- 22,047 x 29,92 inches Size of the paper : 56 x 76 cms. - 22,047 x 29,92 inches Edition:35/99

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Autorretrato en Blanes - Jose L. Cuevas

Técnica: Aguafuerte y aguatinta

Mancha y papel Medida: 56 x 76 cms./


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José Luis Cuevas (1934-) Painter, cartoonist, writer, engraver, sculptor and Mexican illustrator the 26 of February 1934 born in the Mexico City.

Its artistic formation is practically self-taught. It has been one of the main figures of the “generation of breach” with the Mexican muralismo and one of the most distinguished representatives of the neofigurativeness.

He is a cartoonist, engraver, sculptor and illustrator. Before celebrating 10 years, Cuevas it is inscribed as irregular pupil to the School of the Emerald; it continues its artistic formation in Mexico City College, taking classes of engraving with Lola Cueto.


In the middle of the decade of the fifties, the work of Cuevas starts to be recognized by collectors and specialized critics, among them José Gómez Sucre, who invites him to exhibit in the Pan-American Union (Washington, DC).


José Luis Cuevas acquires fame by its constant exhibitions, so much in the United States, as in Mexico, the rest of Latin America and in Europe, even in the Gallery Edouar Loeb de París, the important artist Pablo Picasso buys work of Cuevas.


The prizes and recognitions that Cuevas has received throughout its race, for example, in 1967 the exhibition “Rosk 67” have been different presents it as one of the 50 most important painters of the moment. That same year, the New York Times -one of the most important American newspapers-, it places it among the biggest cartoonists of the 20th century.

Among its numerous individual and collective exhibitions the ones carried out in Washington DC (1954), Paris (1955) and New York (1957) stand out.

• First International Prize of Drawing, Biennial of São Paulo (1959).

• First International Prize of Engraving, I Trienal of New Delhi (1968).

• National Prize of Fine Arts, for the government of Mexico (1981).[2]

• Honoris causa doctor through the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (1984).[3]

• International prize of the World Board of the Engraving, San Francisco (1984).

• It received the Order to Gentleman of the Arts and to the Letters of the French Republic (1991).

Artist of the City was named by the Government of the Federal District of Mexico, occasion on which the Museum José Luis Cuevas was also inaugurated in 1992.