In CIRCULARGALERIA S.L. Estamos especially worried by the safety and to guarantee the confidentiality of the data provided by our customers. Therefore, we stick to the Code of Ethics of Privacy.
CIRCULARGALERIA S.L. , has adopted the measures and levels of safety required in the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 of December, of Datos of Personal Character (LOPD) and its development norm. The criteria and rules, that is, the Policy of adopted Data Protection for can vary with time, due to possible legislative changes or of the criteria followed by the Agency of Data Protection.

When a customer carries out an order of this web site, galeriacircular.com, its house particulars, and the ones related to its purchases and forms of payment they are incorporated in our database to carry out the order.
In fulfillment of what has been established in the Law 15/1999, of 13 of December, of Data Protection of Personal Character, we inform it that:

In its owner quality, the one responsible for this file is ROUND GALERIA S.L. that it guarantees the confidentiality of all the information facilitated by the customers. Besides the minimum established by law, the collection and the treatment of the data they are carried out under safety levels that prevent the loss or manipulation of them.   

According to the current legislation, all the customers of ROUND GALERIA S.L. have the access right, rectification, cancellation and opposition of its data. Besides, in any moment, the customer can express its desire not to receive any type of publicity.

In order to exercise these rights, the customers can go to the section of register of the web page and to indicate its refusal in the correct place or e-mails the address indicated in this web site.   

The completion of forms or shipment of electronic mail or other communications, implies the express consent of the user to the treatment of its data of personal character on the part of CIRCULARGALERIA S.L.

The proportioned particulars to. to través CIRCULARGALERIA S.L is of its web page, www.galeriacircular.com or through other means, they will not be yielded to any company, and will only be used to give to the commitments established with its customers and to suppliers fulfillment.

The user must take into account that the materials contained on this web page could not reflect the most recent legislative or jurisprudent state on the analyzed questions. Likewise, these materials can be modified, developed or updated without previous notification.

CIRCULARGALERIA S.L: it is not blamed for the errors or omissions of which the contents of this web site could suffer or other contents that can be accessed through it nor assumes no to owe or commitment to verify nor to supervise the contents and information of this web page.

CIRCULARGALERIA S.L. it only works as a service for adults. In order to convert in a customer of our signature it must have the age of eighteen celebrated years. Please, do not try to be registered if you have not reached the age of 18 years.


When makes use of the services lent by ROUND GALERIA S.L. Afirma that it has 18 years and it has read and accepted the Terms and Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of ROUND GALERIA S.L.

As adult, you are the only one responsible for the information contained in its personal profile and in all its communications with other users of not can practically, to keep watch or to control the use of ROUND GALERIA S.L. its service of the users, and consequently it does not make it. Therefore, it must be granted with the only one accept the legality of all the performances according to the laws in force. Likewise, the customer is also limited by this User Agreement and must agree and, in turn to accept the responsibility for the legality of all the performances according to the laws in force. it is not responsible CIRCULAR GALERIA S.L. of the illegality of the actions of its users.

He must not use our service to send or to transmit offensive material, including inappropriate language or explicit sexual references.
Our company does not answer for any material or received information or insured through this service.

Our company has the law of dictating the terms and conditions in any moment showing these on its web page. You (and other users) will be limited by the mentioned terms since then, and this User Agreement will not be modified any other way.

ROUND GALERIA S.L. is not responsible of guaranteeing that the users comply with the terms and conditions, in spite of these terms and conditions that the behavior that is not acceptable for our service specifies.   

The links or links that this web site could contain can drive to the user to other places and managed web pages for third, on which ROUND GALERIA S.L. does not practice no type of control. ROUND GALERIA S.L. does not answer not even of the contents even of the state of these places and web pages, and the access to the same ones across this web site it implies either that ROUND GALERIA S.L. recommends or approves its contents.

ROUND GALERIA S.L. informs to the users of its worry for offering all the information contained in the web of a form true and without typographical errors. Any error of this type that could always be produced would be foreign to the will of CIRCULARGALERIA S.L. and its immediate correction would be proceeded. ROUND GALERIA S.L. is not blamed, of the errors or omissions of which the contents of this web site could suffer or other contents that can be accessed through the misma.Ni it assumes no to owe or commitment to verify nor to supervise the contents and information of this web page.

If a typographical error took place in one of the shown prices and some user had taken a purchase decision conditioned by this error, we would communicate the error to him and the customer would have the right to canceling its purchase. In this same case, ROUND GALERIA S.L. He reserves the law to annulling the sale and proceeding to the return of the paid amount.

ROUND GALERIA S.L. carries out a permanent revision of all the data and offered information for like this to proceed to the correction of possible errors.

Purchase system

The customer interested in a work, can proceed to the purchase of it and to request to ROUND GALERIA S.L. any additional information on it, concerning to technical and artistic characteristics, delivery time, etc.

The selling price, is the one that appears referenced in each of the works.

The shipment expenses are indicated in the form of purchase of the work.

From the shipment of the purchase form, ROUND GALERIA S.L. will send an e-mail of confirmation with the total amount of the acquisition, including taxes and expenses of. The buyer has since this moment a deadline of 48 hours to make the payment of the work effective. The mean of payment fitted out is through transfer or electronic system of payment. Together with the work, bill crediting of the dealing will be sent.

The purchase will not be considered formalized until the payment is not made effective for ROUND GALERIA S.L.

All the sales are done cash. When for any circumstance evidence is not had of the payment of the sale in the deadline of 48 hours after the reserve of the frame, ROUND GALERIA S.L. will notify to the supposed buyer the annulment of this reserve.

The buyer will receive its purchase in the address that he determines in an approximate deadline of 10 days from the formalization of the purchase.

The buyer, once the work received, will be able in a deadline of seven days, (in fulfillment of the chapter II of the Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007, of 16 of November, for the that the text recasted of the General Law for the Defense of the Consumers and Users and other complementary laws in its article 71.1)proceder to its return are approved if it is not of its liking; being of its account and risk the expenses of shipment that it will have to carry out to the offices of; ROUND GALERIA S.L. this one reserving the law to accepting it in the case in which it is not in the same state in which it was delivered.


The purchase system is submitted to the current legislation in Spain for the sales at a distance.

For any controversy about the interpretation or execution that is sparked off, the parts submit to the Judges and Courts of OURENSE Capital (Spain), with express renunciation to any other jurisdiction that could correspond to them.